Sunday, October 12, 2008

Please excuse my head exploded!!

Yep, it head exploded on Friday.

I guess I should an effort to try to help my daughter and her husband with child care expenses, I decided that since I was off of work that I would watch the grandkids 3 days a week.
Sounds easy enough....right?? WRONG!!!
With a 4 year old and 2 year old, 3 dogs (who are fighting all the time) and a cat who must stay in the garage or risk being eaten by the visiting household was absolutely crazy!!
Although I successfully raised two daughters to adulthood....wholly-moly...what a difference 20+ years makes in the patience level. This is the reason our eggs dry up at this age....GOD is very, very wise.
My granddaughter bonked my grandson in the head with a sucker (which caused him to cry like a mad man) and my grandson has a fascination with electrical outlets and removing batteries from all remote controls located in the house. Of course all of these things happen as soon as I get a somewhat important phone call that I have to try to talk though.
After that I had a total melt down, and tearfully called my daughter and said I just couldn't do it any more. I love my grandchildren more than anything in the world and I don't want them to think of me as the lunatic grandmother who is constantly yelling at them and putting them on time out. I want to go back to the way it was....they stay over on the weekends...we go to fun places, do crafts, go swimming, camping, fishing..... and grandpa is here to help!!!
I tried, I really did....I hoped to be the grandma that baked cookies while they home always spotless...gee thoughts of June Cleaver come to mind....oh that's right..she wasn't REAL!
I hand it to all of you that stay at home, home school, nurse babies and still finding time to sew, cook and maintain a blog. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I wish I knew how you could do it all....

Well, my head has returned to normal....and tomorrow we are gonna have ourselves a giveaway!! Come back tomorrow...ya hear?!!


Twisted Fencepost said...

Girlfriend, I'm right there with you. I just don't have what it takes to take care of small children anymore. Although, I love them dearly, I just don't have it.
Sad, but true. You are not alone!

Accidental housewife said...

Tammy I wondered over here by way of Pdub. I know just how you feel. I love my granddaughter but I'm just not cut out for 24/7 with a two year old in the midst of...well...being two. We had a major melt down in Old Navy as I was trying to buy her some clothes. I picked her screaming writhing snot spewing body up off the floor and carried her potato sack style out the door into the van and had my own meltdown. I don't want to be the "mean" grandma. I want to be the fun one.

Liz said...

LOL I feel that way EVERY day. haha

Hope today is better for you!


Kandee said...

Lots of kudos to you Tammy for trying! That is the toughest job anyone can do and yes...we did it, but it was years ago. That is why we are made to be grandparents at this age....not parents again! Wish you all the best and I don't want a prize, I have a great one as a! Wish you all the best and I am making your carrot cake tonight for Lions club. Yummo!! Love your sis!

noble pig said...

OMg you tried, it's hard to re-enter motherhood. I'm sure your daughter totally understands.

brneyedgal967 said...

I'm afraid I am the 'mean' grandma. We still have plenty of fun, but their mom will let them fill up on junkfood - crackers and chips. They don't know what a real meal is. In my house, they eat what I cook or they starve. After a day, they eat. The first day they stick out their lower lip and stare at ugly things like roast chicken and fresh green beans and carrots and mashed potatoes. My grandkids didn't even know what potatoes were -thought I was peeling apples. Apples? Are you serious?

Twins - two years old. My patience level is non-existent. Had them last weekend. One of them was sick with 102ยบ fever. Not the cute sick where they want to cuddle and sleep - the squirmy, whiney, crying, fussy, restless sick. I could not wait for Mom to show up.

Know what you mean though. My head would definitely explode if I tried to do it beyond a 3 day stretch.