Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ooooo baby baby

Did anyone catch Oprah today?
Brad was on there and well....he is just adorable.
I was certainly team Aniston....but he seems truly in love with Angelina and with family.
He is definately a cutie patootie!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heck no...I won't go!!

I am a self proclaimed animal lover. If I could keep two of every animal like Noah's Ark I would, but I don't think the neighbors would go for it..and well my Hubby...that might just push him over the edge.
But I love my dogs like they are my kids. I don't go to the extreme like others to dress them, not that I wouldn't like to, but when I used to put a ribbon in my Shih Tzu's hair my hubby used to insist that it be removed.."A dog should not have a ribbon in their damn hair"!!
Anyway, my two dogs are Bodey, the Beagle who is afraid of his shadow and would spend the day under the covers of my bed hiding from the noises of the world if I let him. And there is Lola, the dauschund, a bossy little girl who follows me everywhere and will even squeeze between the railings of our stairs if I go up without her. She is very protective and thinks she rules the roost around here.
Then we have our daughter's boyfriend's bulldog Adonis staying with us. His owner lived in an apartment where they don't allow dogs and I agreed to take care of him until he can find a house that allows pets.
Adonis is the most loving dog and there isn't a mean bone in his body. But Lola growls at him and bites his face when he comes near her. He has never bit her back, but he just can't stay away from her. And he likes a Brokeback Mountain kinda way...if you know what I mean. Bodey is scared of him, and just lets him assault him. But when Adonis is laying down, Bodey will lovingly lick his face, neck and paws.
I have always wondered if Adonis likes it here, or if he is homesick for his Dad and wonders why he is here. And if my dogs like him.
As I have said before I listen to Sirius Satellite Radio during the day while doing stuff and on Tuesdays the show I listen to is Sonya Fitzpatrick, the animal psychic...who has been seen on Animal Planet. So one day, I figured...hey, why not...let's call Sonya and see what she has to I did and I got thru!
I told her that my daughter's boyfriend's bull dog is staying with us, and before I could say anything else she said I know...and he is telling me that he is not going anywhere! I was caught a little off guard...and she said is that what you were going to ask? Because he was telling me before you talked that he loves it there and he is not leaving! I said yes that is exactly why I was calling. She said that he says you are around him all the time and he likes that (I am home most of the time), that where he was before he was left alone alot (true, his owner worked at night and he had to stay home). I told her I didn't know if he liked it because one of my dogs is mean to him (Lola). She said he says he doesn't mind much, but he trys to stay out of her way. She then asked me what her name was...I said Lola...she said let me talk to Lola (moment of silence here...) she said Lola is saying that the bulldog has an ugly face and he needs to go home (if you knew Lola you would agree that this is probably exactly what she is saying). She said Lola keeps telling him that he doesn't belong here and that he needs to go home. But the bulldog is telling her no I am staying. Sonya then asked me....and what is the problem that you have with the boyfriend?? This one caught me off guard...because I don't have a problem, I like him very much...I said maybe that we have had the bulldog a little longer than we expected....she said oh, honey you better get used to it, because he is staying!
After it was over, of course I had to call both of my daughters to tell them (they both thought I was a little off my rocker..) and my daughter (who has the boyfriend Adonis belongs to) says...and how am I suppose to tell my boyfriend that his dog told an animal psychic that he wants to stay with you? Uhhhh....I dunno...I really figured that the bulldog would say I don't like the wiener dog she's mean to me and I wanna go home....I didn't expect him to say...heck no, I won't go!!
So as I sit here typing this with the bulldog resting his head on my knee, I know he loves us and I love him.....I just wish he didn't have poop the size of an elephant, it would make our relationship so much better!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Is it hot here...or is it just me...

Wow....I hesitate to tell everyone this, becuase some parts of the country are already experiencing snow....but we have been having a heat wave in our part of California (actually I think pretty much all of the state is). The last two days we have had temperatures in the 90's which is very unusual. Last night at 6:00 is was still 80 we are a little over a week from Thanksgiving.
Hmmmm...pool party for turkey day anyone?
On Saturday the hubby and I had an absolutely perfect day of fishing at a local lake. This particular lake does not allow any recreational boating, such as water skiing or jet ski's, so it is very low key and quiet.
We took our boat and temps were in the high 80's...but what made it so awesome was the fishing was incredible. Within the first hour we had caught 2 and lost 3. We each have a two pole license so I usually fish with two poles...but he usually sticks to one. Several times during the day at least two poles had fish on them.
And these were big trout..that as soon as they took the bait they jumped and fought like crazy. We both had our limits by early afternoon and even called our daughter who lived nearby to come out with us, and she caught two and lost three within the first half hour or so.
It was incredible fishing conditions....and we have never had a day of fishing quite like it. And having perfect weather with it...well that was the topping on the cake!
Here's a picture of the hubby with our catch for the day....thank goodness I don't have to clean them!!