Saturday, October 4, 2008

Time for another giveaway!! Karma baby...I love it!!

As I mentioned yesterday I received an email stating that I won another contest. Woo hoo, yippy skippy!! I love winning stuff and more than that I love giving things away. So this weekend I am giving away a Mary Engelbreit collection of items, these include a magnetic note pad, post-its, a magnet and two sets of raised stickers.
I love Mary Engelbreit items...and these are some cute little goodies!
Again....nothing fancy required. Just leave me a comment...anything...just to let me know you're there!!
No buttons, no links....just honestly...I haven't figured that out yet. And I am not advertising this let's just see how many show up.
The contest will end tomorrow...Sunday at 6:00 pm.
And I will catch my randon number generator before he falls asleep to pick me a number.
Make sure leave me your email address if you don't have a blog, so that I can contact you.
Everyone have a great's rainy here today (finally...we haven't had any rain since March..we need it!!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Winner, Winner....once again!!

I just got word that I won another contest!! Yahooooo
You know what that means......Karma baby...yep, time for another contest.
Please check back and we will have a contest this weekend!!
I gotta go round something up to giveaway. Woo Hoo !!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Please don't judge me by my garage...

First, let me say that the above picture is NOT MY is just a Google image that may be similar to my garage. I would never have the nerve to post a picture of my garage. And, my husband would never forgive me on that one! (I could just hear him......HONEY, YOU DID WHAT!!??!!)

But, once upon a time, long ago..a very wise real estate agent told me something that I have never can always tell how clean someone keeps their house, by looking at the inside of their car. And because of those words (which as any good mother would...I have ingrained into the minds of my children) I keep my car spotless inside and out, even though I may have unfolded laundry on my bed or ring around the toilet bowl.

Although cleaning the garage is suppose to be left to my's one of those jobs that I rely on him to do without asking....kinda like taking the garbage cans to the curb on garbage day...but I have always secretly hoped that we would win like organization contest, or maybe even the kids said...hey mom and dad we cleaned your garage while you were vacationing in the Bahamas (wow, now that is really dreaming!!)...but please, please, PLEASE...whatever you not enroll me for the Oprah Show or heaven forbid Martha, may as well just show my underwear drawer to the world! But then....that is why front doors have peep would find me hiding in my somewhat cluttered entry way closet!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today I had to attend a funeral.......I hate funerals!!!
It was celebrating the life of a friend of ours, John, I had worked with his wife for over 20 years. We all became friends attending the obligatory Christmas parties and assorted company events. When I first began working at "the office" they invited my husband and I to their home for dinner, and were wonderful and gracious. It was the beginning of a long and true friendship.
It was a typical Catholic Mass celebration at the church where he was baptized and where he and his wife had married in 1976. As difficult as it was to celebrate his life and the end of his life, and seeing his wife, children and other family members in pain. As funerals do often times, it brings people together. In this case it was a group of us girls who worked together in the same office on and off for more than 20 years.
We all were able to sit together for lunch after the service and enjoys some laughs together like old times. We all had been together for so long we experienced pregnancies, raising our children, the birth of a few grandchildren and even some losses together.
We had worked in an office that at the most at one time had about 16 employees. It was a high stress, long hours kind of business. And the most men we ever had in the office at one time was 3...typically they couldn't hang around for long. But us women did, and we bonded....sure we all had ups and downs...mood swings, jealousy wasn't all rainbows and kisses. At times there were some not speaking to others. But the one thing we all knew and still know to this day is that we got each others back. I could call anyone of these ladies for anything and without a doubt they would come thru. And I would do the same for them...anytime...anywhere.
I have never really been part of the "girlfriends" thing. There is no one that I talk to everyday other than my husband and daughters. I don't really share private moments with anyone other than family.
But today I learned that I have "girlfriends" if that is what you want to call them.....but to me it is much more....they are my support system, and I hope that they consider me a part of theirs.
Today was a sad day, but it was also a very special day.