Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's TIME FOR A GIVEAWAY!! WOOP, WOOP...Brighton Earrings

Well, I have been talking about it for some time....and the time has finally arrived. I am giving away a pair of Brighton Earrings. I am not asking you to link to my blog, or anything like that...because frankly I don't quite understand all of that yet. But just leave me a comment with your email or blog and I will randomly select a winner, and will announce on Monday. So let's say I will take your comments until noon on Monday and select someone Monday evening.
So....this is what they look like

I'm sorry I know this is not a very good picture....but it was the best my camera would do.....and I couldn't find any other pics on the internet.
They are pierced hoops with a beautiful design of hearts and scrolls.I will send them to the winner with the Brighton tin. The design is called Dream Token. might ask...why am I doing this?? I love to give things away....and because I believe in paying it forward....I won some awesome knives from the Pioneer Woman I can't think of a better way to pay it forward.
So....please only one entry per person. I will draw the winner at random. And please play nice....back in May before I started a blog I wanted to give away a pair of George Michael concert tickets that I received by attending a Ellen DeGeneres show...I created a post on CraigsList and on the end when I gave them away I had one person that threatened to sue me and several others that wrote me emailss asking why they didn't win....geez
And the one person I chose...I shipped the tickets overnight to and only asked that she send me pictures..I never heard from again....not even to confirm that she received them....I'm guessing she did...fed ex said she signed for them.
Oh well....didn't mean to go off on a tangent there.....sorry bout that...
So let's make this fun....I have alot of other stuff I want to give away so please stay tuned....WOO HOO

What's worse than a root canal??

How about spending all day in small claims court? That is how I spent my day yesterday and I would rather have gotten a root canal.
I have never been to small claims court before...thank goodness and I never want to go there again. In this case I really didn't have a choice I had someone that installed new tires and rims on my car and didn't have the sufficient number of lug nuts on it and the tire flew off while I was driving (in less than 24 hours after I picked it up) which caused damage to the tire, new rim, and car. Thank goodness no one was hurt, but it was frightening (the car was a Volkswagen Bug which sits about 6 inches off the ground). The owner kept saying he would do something to make it right but never came thru on paying the bills. This incident happened back in October and I gave him ample time to take care of it....but he never did. So unfortunately I had to take him to court.
I don't know if our local court is anything like anyone else's, but it certainly nothing like you see on tv (that's what I expected). The judge heard about 20 cases, and people were fighting over everything from rent issues to a neighbor that was "stealing" electricity. Two women were even argueing about egging a car...jeez. It probably would have been entertaining if I didn't have to be a participant.
When the judge first calls you up about your case, he asks if the two of you have attempted to resolve it, if not you are to go outside the courtroom in the hallway and discuss it (kinda like being sent to your room with your sister until you two can get along). Then you come back in, your case is moved to the bottom of the list, and when he comes back to you he hears the case. In most instances he makes a decision then and there....but in our case he wanted to do more review and will notify us of the outcome by mail.
After spending 5 hours in court yesterday I came home with a throbbing headache. I gotta hand it to the judge though.....I could never spend day after day listening to people bicker over (at times) very trivial garbage.
I have always been a non-confrontational person, that is probably why I have never been to court.......and I intend to stay that way...thank you very much.
Now I need to go take 2 more Motrin and take a nap.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I have an addiction..........

Yep, I have a new's not one of the old ones like shopping on ebay, buying shoes, brighton jewelry...blah, blah, blah. Nope I had to stop those addictions when I lost my job. Kinda sorta...wink, wink.....shhhhh...nobody has to know....

My new addiction is this

I am absolutely addicted to this big guy....I can't stop taking pictures of him. He tries to get Bodey to play with him and that doesn't work...

and Lola....well this is the way she looks at him...poor guy

So someone has to play with he lets me do this

and this

I just want to put ribbons on his ears, a pink fluffy tutu on his belly, paint his toenails and paint big red lips on him.....darn it, if I could just figure out that darn Photoshop!

So his Daddy said I can't.......hmmmmm but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Right?? Adonis can you keep a secret??? Ehhh just kidding!!!! David ~~~

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is this a dirty dog or what??

This evening we replaced some top soil in one of our flower beds and our new "foster child" Adonis decided that it would be fun to play in it.
He had a blast. But how the heck do you wash a 90 pound bull dog? He has so many wrinkles and creases I'm not sure what to do.
Oh well.....I think we are paying a visit to the groomer at Petco in the morning.

Yesterday I added a feeder to my blog to see if anyone is visiting other than my family and by golly....we have visitors!!! YIPPEEEEE
If you stopped by thank are welcome to leave a comment if you like. Please keep checking in....I am going to have a drawing soon for a pair of Brighton Earrings......we all like Brighton, don't we???

I also want to give a shout out to my blogging friend Janeen at Blog she has been a tremendous help and inspiration in getting my blog going....thank you Janeen.

This is still a work in progress!!

I won, I won, I WON !!!!

A couple of weeks ago Ree over at had a contest and she gave away sets of knives.....and I cannot believe that I won. But I didn't really want to say too much until I received them.....just in case I was hallucinating or something.
But today....just about an hour ago......guess what was delivered.....YOU GOT IT...the knives....

Aren't they beautiful......It doesn't take much anymore to make my knees weak.

A work in progress

I have been working to customize this blog and to add the little things that make it mine. So please be is a work in progress.......and if I didn't have so many distractions it would go faster (right now the bed upstairs is telling me it needs to be made...see what I mean!).
Please stay soon as I have it right we are gonna have ourselves a contest.....yippee!
Maybe this will lower my blood pressure