Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My pets.....I love em!!

As most people know I love my animals. When my girls were younger, in that ugly teenage, talkin' back, Miss attitude age I used to say I should have had more animals and less kids. But of course I love my children and really wouldn't trade them for more pets........Cassie, I know what you're thinkin......honest I wouldn't!! And since I am now a Grandmother....or Ammie as I am called by the little monkeys......I am blessed everyday to be a mom.

But I do love my pets......let me introduce you to them...

This is Kitters - Isn't she beautiful? But don't let that beautiful face fool you.....she will bite your ankle when you walk by. She will dip her paw in your bowl of cereal if you aren't watching. And she keeps the two dogs on their toes at all times.....NOBODY messes with her. She is 15 years old, we almost lost her about 12 years ago when a large dog attacked her...if it wasn't for Dr. Wilson, she would have died. Thank you doc....
Our lives would not have been the same without her. And Allie and Layne thank you....they have been taught a thing or two by her also.

Next up is Lola, my slightly compulsive dachshund. She has an obsession with socks and rubber bands. If she finds one, she will drive you crazy wanting you to throw if for her. She will also spend endless hours balancing it on the end of her nose......throwing it up in the air and catching it......she can do it for hours. And if it ends up in the swimming pool, she will patiently wait by the side of the pool until she can reach it and start all over again. Lola is 3 and my little shadow....she follows me everywhere.

And last but certainly not least.....Bodey the Beagle. He is 2 years old, a totally kick back, don't bug me I'm sleepin' kind of guy. He is very skittish about noises...any little noise throughout the day will send him running upstairs into my bedroom to hide under the covers! I'm not kidding......he makes several trips a day up there to see if he can get under the covers (if I haven't made the bed yet). He would never ever, ever, I repeat EVER be a hunting dog. You could probably never pry him out of the truck if you tried. He has a weird compulsion with socks also......he eats them. Yep, swallows them whole.....and he throws them up whole. Very strange! And have you heard....he's a runner! If he happens to get out of the front door for any reason, or out of the back gate....he's a goner....he will run for days. A few months ago he was missing for 2 full days and was found a few miles from our house.....his feet were so sore that he cried for 2 days every time he walked up the stairs.....but did that stop him from running?? Duh....NO Here is the little bugger is

He lifted his head long enough off the pillow for me to snap this shot.....BRAT

These three boogers are the reason I am usually sleeped deprived.....Kitters insists on sleeping on my head. Lola is under the covers at my feet. And Bodey is under the covers at my side and he circles and circles and then collapses as close to me as possible. If he gets up in the middle of the night and wants to get back under the covers he runs his nose along the small of my back....HELLLOOOOO, that will wake you up everytime! And everytime I move he groans........and my hubby is way over on the other side of the bed. Ahhhhh my pets...I love em

A funny story to share......a few months ago my hubby and I decided to go fishing and had taken both of the dogs with us. I got out by the boat ramp and waited while my husband backed the boat down getting ready to launch it....I had the rope and was ready to do my job....he jumped out of the truck to unlatch the front of the boat......with the truck running.....and both dogs still in the truck.......and YEP....they stepped on the automatic door lock. Of course we didn't have another key with us.....so we had to direct all the other people waiting to launch their boat around us. While a kind Ranger helped us break into our truck.....after about an hour we finally got in and got our boat on the water. Needless to say....we have a hide a key now....and we never leave the truck running with the dogs in there.

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JenG said...

I feel your pain!!!! Sam, the terrier, has started to sleep between the pillows with his head on MY pillow. He snores louder then Chris ever did! Tex, all 85lbs of him, does the "Odie" thing, turn around 3 times, scratch the bed, turn around 3 more times and FLOP down as close to me as possible. Pete on the other hand thinks it's great that he gets his choice of all 3 pet beds. Then if Sly is in he'll jump up there too and snuggle with Tex. Its amazing that I get any sleep on my 6 inches of queen size bed! I swear if the horses had thumbs they'd figure out a way to open the gate, door and be in there to!