Sunday, September 14, 2008

The random number generator was falling asleep, but before he was officially out I asked him to pick the number and the number he chose is....53
Congrats Jacqueline in Atlanta! You are the winner of the Brighton business card holder.
Thanks again everyone.....thanks for visiting my blog!

Please check in never know when we could have another giveaway!!


Twisted Fencepost said...

Congratulations, Jacqueline!
Darn it!

Jacqueline in Atlanta said...

I am so excited!
As I told Tammy in an email, I am in insurance and have been dragging around the same old sad little sorry fake leather, black manly business card holder for FIVE years now. I can't wait to get this beautiful Brighton card holder and go calling. I am going to be passing out business cards like a hawker at a state fair. (But I will look so GOOD doing it - ha.)

Thanks for picking my number, Sleepy Hubby!