Thursday, September 11, 2008

Notice something new???

How could anyone miss it!!! Don't you just love my new header and background??
I won another contest.....whoop, whoop!! Really, I am surprised because I don't enter many contests and really don't visit many blogs during the day. But I must be lucky....first the knives and now this......courtesy of
Aubree....thank you for the layout and design...I love it!!!!

So....what this means is KARMA baby....I have to pay this forward. So time for another giveaway!! I will go thru my box of goodies and come up with something to giveaway this weekend. Stay's gonna be another fun one :)


Twisted Fencepost said...

Congratulations! I love the new design!
And, oooo, another giveaway! Yippeee!

The Mommy said...

Oh your blog looks incredible! Congratulations!!!

cassie said...

i love it... its really cute totally you. so have you figured out what your givin away? hummmmm. ill thinkin about it. im thinkin some kind of gift certificate. maybe to like homedepot? hummm.ill keep thinking.

Kathleen said...

The design is great! I love the image at the top of the vintage fisher-lady.

Anonymous said...

Yes! the website is cute! I love the colors. You are on a winning streak. I coveted those knives from PW! -Lorie

Wehaf said...

The cake looks delicious, and I could definitely use the card holder. Thanks!

urchiken at gmail dot com