Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today is the first day of my blog!!

Woohoo....today is the first day of my blog....and who knows how many readers I get.....but I know at least my kids will read...to see if I say anything about them!!
I love to cook alot so I plan on sharing alot of recipes on this site. Tonight for dinner I made pork tenderloin with an apricot preserve glaze and zucchini and corn fritters. I am one of those cooks who doesn't normally follow a recipe (unless it is baking a cake, cookies, etc.)....it's usually a cup of this, add an egg..maybe two, a dash of this and a shake of that. But I am going to TRY to put the food that I share into a recipe that everyone can make. Also I am a Paula Deen meets Sandra Lee kinda cook....quick, easy and to heck with the calories (that is why you will rarely if at all see pictures of me on this site) The first recipe that I am sharing is for the zucchini and corn fritters.....I hope that everyone enjoys.
And....if I get the camera that I am hoping to get (when my husband gives me the greenlight to buy....and to clarify..I don't normally ask for him to approve anything I do, but since I am unemployed, I would kinda feel guilty about buying it without hin knowing.....it's not like the shoes I can sneak into my closet!!) I will start posting more pictures on here to share.

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