Monday, November 17, 2008

Is it hot here...or is it just me...

Wow....I hesitate to tell everyone this, becuase some parts of the country are already experiencing snow....but we have been having a heat wave in our part of California (actually I think pretty much all of the state is). The last two days we have had temperatures in the 90's which is very unusual. Last night at 6:00 is was still 80 we are a little over a week from Thanksgiving.
Hmmmm...pool party for turkey day anyone?
On Saturday the hubby and I had an absolutely perfect day of fishing at a local lake. This particular lake does not allow any recreational boating, such as water skiing or jet ski's, so it is very low key and quiet.
We took our boat and temps were in the high 80's...but what made it so awesome was the fishing was incredible. Within the first hour we had caught 2 and lost 3. We each have a two pole license so I usually fish with two poles...but he usually sticks to one. Several times during the day at least two poles had fish on them.
And these were big trout..that as soon as they took the bait they jumped and fought like crazy. We both had our limits by early afternoon and even called our daughter who lived nearby to come out with us, and she caught two and lost three within the first half hour or so.
It was incredible fishing conditions....and we have never had a day of fishing quite like it. And having perfect weather with it...well that was the topping on the cake!
Here's a picture of the hubby with our catch for the day....thank goodness I don't have to clean them!!


Anonymous said...

JEALOUS! I freaking hate the cold weather. And I love fish! Can I come stqay with you?? lol

The Hunter's Wife said...

It is cold here in Indiana. Umm 23 to be exact.

Congrats on all the fish!

brneyedgal967 said...

NICE trout! I love trout - AND trout fishing! We have about 20 left in the freezer from earlier this year. I know, I know, they're not as good frozen... but you can only eat so many dozen in one sitting.

noble pig said...

Yeah, the heat was weird but now I am in oregon and it's pouring rain!

Fishy Girl said...

Just found your website. Nice catch of fish. Check out some of my friends fish on my blog...oh and you can check out our store website too