Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Please don't judge me by my garage...

First, let me say that the above picture is NOT MY is just a Google image that may be similar to my garage. I would never have the nerve to post a picture of my garage. And, my husband would never forgive me on that one! (I could just hear him......HONEY, YOU DID WHAT!!??!!)

But, once upon a time, long ago..a very wise real estate agent told me something that I have never can always tell how clean someone keeps their house, by looking at the inside of their car. And because of those words (which as any good mother would...I have ingrained into the minds of my children) I keep my car spotless inside and out, even though I may have unfolded laundry on my bed or ring around the toilet bowl.

Although cleaning the garage is suppose to be left to my's one of those jobs that I rely on him to do without asking....kinda like taking the garbage cans to the curb on garbage day...but I have always secretly hoped that we would win like organization contest, or maybe even the kids said...hey mom and dad we cleaned your garage while you were vacationing in the Bahamas (wow, now that is really dreaming!!)...but please, please, PLEASE...whatever you not enroll me for the Oprah Show or heaven forbid Martha, may as well just show my underwear drawer to the world! But then....that is why front doors have peep would find me hiding in my somewhat cluttered entry way closet!!


Pretty Monkey said...

"CLEAN HOUSE" called, they said that's too big a job for them... HeHe JK... When are you going to the Bahamas so we can clean it? When is free dump day, again?


Becky said...

That picture looks like my garage would look, if I had one. tee hee
I agree about the car/house theory. I've known people who fit that to a tee!

noble pig said...

OMG that's my did it get on google?

Grandma J said...

I know of several garages like that. I don't have one, and when I did it was neat as a pin, but believe me, that is not exactly any healthier...mentally that is.

I need a peep hole

Philly said...

That is what the drawer that I hold all my plastic/tuperware containers looks like,,,LOL
If you open it, everything falls out !!


All Adither said...

You have to be direct: Honey, Time to clean the garage! Long past time, in fact.

Perhaps a little incentive in the way of a baked dish or special favors? ;)