Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm alive and well.....

I'm sorry...for those of you who have steadily read my blog, I took a little hiatus. I really didn't plan on it, I just seemed to have one project after another to finish or accomplish. I kept thinking about my blog, but it just kinda got put to the side with other priorities.
The last couple of weeks I have been crocheting like a mad woman, putting together some items for a holiday boutique. So I have been creating scarves, hats and even a blanket or two. And I made cakepops which turned out wonderful and should be a big seller, hopefully. Proceeds from the boutique help my grandkids day care provider for more toys and craft goods.

Also, because my granddaughter suffered a horrible asthma attack on Thanksgiving Day which almost landed her an admittance into the hospital (triggered by a stay at our house....she is allergic to pet hair and dander), I have been sweeping and vacuuming my house daily to try to minimize the situation, otherwise I may have to find a new home for my beloved pets. I have been a woman on a mission... washing, cleaning, dusting and using my lint remover on everything. Who knew that short haired dogs created so darn much hair!

Our family decided this year that we are not buying any presents for each other (only presents for the kids), so our family present is that we are all going to Disneyland for a few days. It will be the first visit for our grandchildren and I can't wait to see the looks on their little faces. It will be truly magical and I look forward to a fun and exciting trip for everyone.

So....don't worry, I'm fine...just a little sidetracked for now.
But I will return soon.....but I gotta run...I have a date with two rodents...



Twisted Fencepost said...

Have fun at Disneyland!
Can I be a temporary adoptee?

Grandma J said...

I'm sure it will be a magical experience for your grandkids!

Merry Christmas!!