Saturday, November 8, 2008

Elton John and just doesn't get much better!!

Whew!! I am still tired! And just don't even know where to begin.
First I am still without my laptop (I mistakenly left it at my daughter's house in Las Vegas and am waiting for it to be shipped back), so I am making this post from the Public library.
First, we had an awesome weekend in Las Vegas. Didn't win any money, but that's okay and to be expected.
But we did get to see Sir Elton John and his show The Red Piano at Caesar's Palace.
What an awesome show!! When I picked up our tickets we were told that the show was for mature audiences only....which seemed a little weird...a concert for adults only? But once the show began it was completely was boobs, boobs and more boobs everywhere. Pictures of boobs behind him on the stage, even growing out of one wall on the side of the stage.
He performed one song while Pamela Anderson danced on a stripper pole dressed in a g-string and pasties in the backdrop. (Obviously I think my husband liked that song the most)
It was visually and musically stunning. And he played the piano from the moment the show began until the end. It was the show of a lifetime to see and I would gladly go see it again and again.
After the show, of course I had to go to the Red Piano shop and bought myself a black t-shirt and rhinestones that said...the bitch is back....I had to do it, and wore it that night to the casino. We had one dealer, who was very opinionated and openly gay, and as people strutted through the casino in costumes (it was the night after Halloween) that were incredible (as in.....see through, or very little clothing) he had some very choice comments...and we kept teasing him that he was gonna be wearing my shirt before the night was over.
We had an awesome visit in Vegas, as always. But Halloween is an interesting time to be there. People start dressing up the week before and continue through the weekend, it gives them the opportunity to literally wear anything or nothing at all.
My favorite costume was a young man with a swim cap on, a blue speedo, several medals around his neck and in an open white bathrobe, and introducing himself to young women as Michael was too funny!
I have so much more to share.....our trip to see The Price is Right was a blast...and just a little hint....there was a winner among us!!
Talk to you all soon!!!


Tennessee Davidsons said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time. Can't wait to see the pictures from Price is Right. I'm still so excited for you. Nancy

brneyedgal967 said...

Elton John -- I am sooo jealous! I saw him in concert 10 years ago and it was fab, but doesn't sound nearly as good as the whole Vegas production!!

LMAO - the bitch is back.

Glad you're back!

noble pig said...

I would love to be in Vegas at Halloween I can only imagine the costumes!

Grandma J said...

Sounds like you had a blast in Vegas. Can't wait to hear about the winner at The Price is Right!

Anonymous said...

Price is Right? Wow! Hope you were the big winner!