Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ellen DeGeneres Show....times two!!

Last week when I had my Brighton Earring giveaway, I had a semi rant about some George Michael concert tickets that I had received on the Ellen Show...and actually one of the comments asked me to talk about being on the show.
Actually I have been on the Ellen Show twice!!
The first time was April oldest daughter and I attended a taping and spent 3 days in LA/Beverly Hills for my birthday. We had a blast...had dinner at the Ivy, hot dogs at Pink's, cupcakes from Sprinkles...saw a few celebrities...saw Giada DeLaurentis in a furniture store...saw Leesa Gibbons at Target. I have run into a few celebrities in my life and never really know how to act. I want to tell them how much I like them, or their work....but I don't want to bother them...I understand that they are people too....just like the rest of us. But it is pretty cool when you see someone.
We were seated on a end of the aisle and Ellen came up and danced by us. And the guest on the show was Leah Remini...who we love from King of Queens.

She was hilarious....Ellen asked her is she was pregnant again and Leah said..."YOU BITCH!!
Corrine Rae Bailey was the musical guest and we all received her CD.

Then in April of this year, my youngest daughter and I went again to attend a taping (we have now decided that this is going to be an annual trip for my birthday) and Forrest Whittaker was the guest, who was very cool..

And the B-52's sang "Love Shack" which was so awesome. It totally rocked the house. When the show started George Michael called in and gave tickets to his concert in LA....way cool...but we couldn't attend since it was in the middle of the week and LA is a 4 hour drive away (which prompted me to want to give them away...)
At this show Ellen's mom sat right in front of the end of the show I did ask her to tell Ellen thank you for such a great birthday present.Ellen's mom is adorable and seemed very nice.
During our trip we had dinner at the Chateau Marmont (saw Christopher Lloyd there, didn't realize who he was until we asked for directions). Did alot of shopping and spent alot of time on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Attending a taping of a tv show is a little surreal....there is alot of hurry up and wait. You typically wait several hours before even going into the studio and in the case of the Ellen Show, you don't even know if you will be in the audience until the last moment (you may end up in the riff raff room...which would be fine with me!).
So it is an all day thing....we were in line to pick up tickets at 6 am...back for taping at 1 pm, taping began at 4, and we were out of there around 6ish. Long day....but worth every moment of it...alot of the fun is who you get to know while you are waiting. My daughter and I became friendly with a lesbian couple who came from Australia....where they are HUGE fans...I think one of them had a crush on my daughter....
But the excitement of Ellen is quite different from the taping of THE PRICE IS RIGHT....yep we went on that show too.....I will tell you about that one tomorrow... stay tuned.....can you say....SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN????!!



i cant wait to do the shows again. i had much fun. so should we start planning them soon? is jona gonna go this time? yup yup? she better

Jona said...

I definately want to go to The Price is Right... I had such a blast at Ellen!! Ellen is the reason I am voting this year. Can't wait to go again!!!

SDA said...

Fear "fishen mama." This is unrelated to your blog except in the sense that I have a question about one of the dog pictures you have posted. The red nosed, red with white dog peering thru the fence. I have a rescue that looks exactly like that dog. Is that dog of a particular breed? Do you know anything about his/her background? My email is Your help would be greatly appreciated. Regards. SDA